Rediscover Yourself in Paradise!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey? Picture this: golden sunrises, the gentle lapping of warm sea waves, and the sweet scent of fresh mango and coconut water lingering in the air. As the sun kisses the turquoise waters, you'll realize: this is the best gift you've given yourself.
Reprogram Your Essence
  • Yoga Practice: Each day, as the sun peeks over the horizon, find your center with invigorating yoga sessions. Stretch, breathe, and let the island's energy flow through you.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Dive into the depths of your consciousness. Let the whispers of the palm trees guide you toward inner peace.
  • Physical Alchemy: Imagine feeling a decade younger, your body humming with vitality. It's not magic; it's the result of conscious choices. You'll learn how to shift habits, rewire your thoughts, and embrace a healthier existence.
  • Thai Massage Reimagined: Forget the ordinary. At Samui Bliss, we've crafted a unique blend of traditional Thai massage with a dash of magic. Our skilled therapists will knead away your worries, leaving you floating on a cloud of bliss. And guess what? It's not just affordable, it's downright heavenly.
  • Mango Dreams and Coconut Whispers: Sip on fresh mango nectar and coconut water as you bask in the sun. The tropical flavors infuse your senses, melting away stress like ice in the Thai sun.
  • Mindfulness by the Sea: Meditate to the rhythm of the waves. Let your thoughts drift like seashells, collecting moments of stillness. Here, mindfulness isn't a buzzword; it's a way of life.
  • Reprogramming Your Essence: You're not just a body; you're a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Through daily practices, you'll rewrite your inner code. Shed the layers of stress, doubt, and inertia. Feel your spirit dance, ten years younger and infinitely lighter.
  • The Dawn of a New Chapter:Life unfurls its parchment, inked with stories of resilience and wonder. Age, a mere footnote, fades into the background. For this chapter, it's not about the years etched on your skin; it's about the fire within.
«Samui Bliss Yoga Retreat orchestrates your symphony — a crescendo of wisdom, a dance of resilience, and a chorus of joy. Imagine turquoise waves cradling your spirit, sun-kissed mornings whispering secrets. This retreat? It's your self-wrapped gift — a treasure chest of renewal.»
Inna Raduto
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Practical Details

  • Dates: May 6th to May 19th, 2024
  • Location: Samui, Thailand
  • Investment in You: £1999* (worth every sunrise)
  • Group size: 4-6
The package includes:
Luxury Villa: Your private oasis awaits.
Yoga & Mindfulness: Nourish body and soul.
Healthy Breakfast: Fuel for your transformation.
Airport Transfers: Seamless arrival and departure.
Local Adventures: Discover hidden gems.

*Price for 1 bedroom (double bed) 1 person. If you want to share a bedroom with your buddy or partner, the price for 2 is just £2990. Amazing, isn't it?
Join us — where mangoes meet mantras, where the sea whispers secrets, and where your story unfolds.
Marta Johnson
Inna Raduto
Yoga instructor (YTT 500), mindfulness coach, BALANCYOGA founder
Hello, my dear! It's a pleasure to connect with you here.
I am Inna Raduto, yoga practitioner from the vibrant heart of London.

My mission revolves around creating a Blue Zone - a space where a healthy lifestyle thrives. Allow me to introduce you to the BALANCYOGA project, where ancient wisdom of yoga intertwines seamlessly with cutting-edge neuroscience. Our canvas? Longevity—not just years, but vibrant, soul-stirring moments. Imagine neurons firing in harmony, asanas aligning with purpose, and habits blossoming like lotus petals.

And now, my dear fellow traveler, I extend an invitation—a golden ticket to Samui, where the sun kisses the sea, and time dances to its own rhythm. In just 14 days, we'll peel away the layers, revealing the essence—the you that's been waiting, like a pearl in an oyster.

Until then, my friend, see you soon!
Our Clients Love Us
  • Marina

    I eagerly anticipate Inna's class because it leaves my body and mind feeling incredible after each yoga session. Her sequences are consistently gratifying, and it's as if she intuitively understands my needs. Her voice resonates with power and gentle care simultaneously. As I listen, I find myself relaxing, surrendering to her guidance.

    The most gratifying aspect is that after just one month of practicing yoga with Inna, I observed a noticeable weight loss without feeling stressed. Also now I can enjoy peaceful nights without the panic attacks that used to trouble me. I sense that my life is finally under full control.

  • Jackie
    English teacher

    I’m bursting with newfound energy, a sensation I haven’t experienced in ages! Mornings are now a breeze — I wake up with ease, and my body feels primed for movement. No more stiffness, no more pain. And the most remarkable transformation: my shoulder pain has vanished completely! It’s like a miracle — I can rotate it freely after years of struggling. I'm really happy with that!

    Regarding the back pain I've been complaining about for a year, I'm no longer experiencing any issues with it. In fact, my overall health situation has dramatically improved! I'm truly amazed. But there's another delightful change — I've noticed it in my clothes. That top I bought last summer, which I loved but was too small? Well, now it's too big! And it's not just me who's noticing — other people have commented on it too, and hearing those observations from others feels really nice.

  • Kenul

    Yoga is like a soft power on a body — great for those who have long established patterns of ‘bossy’ conditioned mind opposing to almost any new routines. And with yoga one can go as slowly and gently tricking the mind not to rebel. So here is the magic — with just little commitment, body, seemingly the same, slowly starts to open up showing the improved agility and resilience, stamina, softness and these are just a tip of an iceberg , because the real transformation happens from within.

    In this meaningful journey, here is Inna with her incredibly soft and convincing voice, enormous patience and desire to implement new habits with her students.

    She is eager to bring neuroscience and yoga to a common denominator for curious logical/scientific’ minds.

    I cannot but mention the most enjoyable part of training with Inna - shavasana. Never was I able to quiet my mind so easily and effectively as with Inna. Because she leads Shavasana so skilfully, the post-training muscle tensions and aches one gets from intensive training is never the case with Inna, thanks to her ability to completely relax your muscles and make them ‘forget’ difficulties of the training, hence coaxing your mind into a new ally! Soft power in action!

Only 2 rooms left
1 bedroom/1 person
6 -19 May, 2024
1 or 2 people?
  • Katie:
    I'm a beginner, does it work for me?
    Certainly! Yoga is an excellent practice for beginners. Here's why:

    1. Gentle Start: Yoga offers a gentle introduction to physical activity. You can start at your own pace, gradually building strength and flexibility.
    2. Mind-Body Connection: Yoga emphasises mindfulness, helping you connect with your body, breath, and thoughts. It's not just about physical postures; it's a holistic practice.
    3. Adaptability: Yoga offers a wide array of postures suitable for practitioners of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, there's something for everyone.
    4. Health Benefits: Yoga improves flexibility, balance, and posture. It also reduces stress, enhances relaxation, and promotes overall well-being.
  • Marta:
    I am 50 y.o., can I join?
    Certainly! Samui Bliss Yoga Retreat is open to participants of all ages. These retreat offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga practice, relaxation, and self-care. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, you'll find a supportive and rejuvenating environment. So go ahead and explore the possibility of joining a yoga retreat — it could be a transformative experience!
  • Stiven:
    Can I join just for a week?
    Certainly! You can absolutely join a Samui Bliss Yoga Retreat for just one week. Whether you're seeking a short rejuvenation or a deeper immersion, a week-long retreat can be a transformative experience. Please contact us for booking your transformational week.
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